Recently, we became aware that another entity created an imposter website that very closely resembles the authentic Davcoh Computer Services LLC ("DAVCOH") website, in addition to engaging in credit card fraud.  This is commonly known as spoofing or pharming.

This matter has been reported to the Attorney General's Office, the FBI, as well as local and nationwide law enforcement officials and government agencies.  In addition, it has been reported to the national credit reporting bureaus.  Due to the international ties of this crime, we are currently working closely with international law enforcement authorities including Europol in this investigation.

We want to inform you, our customers and business associates of this, so you can be educated about fraud prevention, and how to protect yourself.

There are some slight differences between the phony website and our authentic website.

The phony website is not spelled exactly as  If you use any other website besides, then this is not our company.  The phony website may use a similar name with very slight changes, but it is not, so check the exact spelling of the URL address you are using.

There may also be phony email names on the imposter website. All authentic emails from DAVCOH end in  This is similar to our authentic website.

Other signs of an imposter site, may be a toll free 800, 888, 866, or 877 phone number.  DAVCOH does not have any phone number besides our local 617 number.  We are a business in Newton, MA, and have a local Newton, MA  exchange phone number only.

Other signs of an imposter site, may be that they take credit cards on the web.  DAVCOH does NOT take credit cards on the web, our payment terms are cash or check only.

DAVCOH also does NOT sell any products over the internet or phone, or engage in any ecommerce or telephone money transactions.  We provide services on-site and in-person, and all customer payments are received in-person.  The website is solely used for marketing and advertising of our local services.

DAVCOH will never ask for you to send personal or financial information by, in response to, or via a link in an e-mail.

DAVCOH is a very reputable and honest firm with strong integrity.  We have hundreds of great clients in the area, check out our testimonial page, or call us for a local reference in your area that you can talk to.

Thank you for being careful, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us directly at our Newton phone number on the left panel of this web page. 

Best Regards,

Davcoh Computer Services


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