He knows his business and will save you time and money.

Fergus M.

West Newton, MA




My computer is the lifeblood of my business. After my operating system was damaged during a power outage, I needed help fast. Dissatisfied with the answers I got from some of the large tech service chains, I was lucky enough to find the Davcoh website (on a borrowed computer). Since I did not have my original installation disks, I needed to pull a huge amount of data off the two hard drives and get it onto a new computer. Dave came up with the idea to turn the internal hard drives into external drives. He came to my location to pick up and drop off my PC, purchased the necessary hard cases for me and put the drives into them with a very fast turnaround. He also graciously advised me on the correct model and configuration of a new computer so that I would have the right hardware to meet my current needs.

Dave is prompt, communicative, courteous, honest, and generous with his considerable knowledge. I recommend him and his company very highly!

Margaret S.

Chestnut Hill, MA

Dave at Davcoh is an outstanding computer specialist who has rescued my computers (and me) on several occasions.  He's brilliant and very calming.  You feel like you are in the hands of a top doctor.  I recommend him most highly.

Laurence K.

Lexington, MA


Matt was prompt, courteous and extremely helpful in setting up our new Macs, transferring files from the old ones and explaining things to a couple of computer illiterates. We will strongly recommend him and you to our friends.

Bill K.

Newton, MA


Thank you for taking my call this morning, and thank you for sending Matt to solve our network problem here at my home.  He replaced the equipment amazingly quickly, checked into all of the devices we are using to be sure they would work on the network, and explained everything very patiently.  It all now works just as it should--and he was done in less than an hour, I am sure.

I spoke with Matt about getting him back here in the next week to help my wife transition from her old Macbook to a new one and to help us figure out the best system for regularly backing up our hard drives using the storage device we have.  We will be in touch shortly.

All in all, a first-class experience.  Even more so when compared to the two previous consultants I have worked with.  They were never all that helpful to begin with, and this time they would not even call me back. 

Mike K.

Wellesley, MA


We've had Carbonite back-up for many years at our shop, and thank god we did because if we didn't we would have lost a full 6 months of our accounting information. David at Davcoh really helped us a lot by recommending it, and we could not be more thankful!

Paula K.

Newton, MA


Came exactly when he said he was going to and fixed the problem with our HP Color Laser Jet 4550 in a timely fashion.  Overall service was great and I would call your company in the future to come back.

Paul M.

Dedham, MA


Thank you for helping to make my transition into a new computer along with high speed broadband a smooth, efficient and uncomplicated transition. Your total ability and capability had me up and running in one afternoon; needless to say, I wish I had met up with you a long time ago.
My former computer guru made everything sound so complicated, that I waited far too long to learn how to trade securities, where speed and accuracy are an absolute necessity!
I am so thankful to my friend who recommended you because, as with your doctor or dentist, unfortunately, it is trial and error.   I found a "WINNER"!!

Cami L.

Chestnut Hill, MA


Based on my experience with various “professional” IT people, and stories I’ve heard, I am impressed with your skills.

Thank you for being an excellent resource.


Richard P.

Waban, MA


Until David came to our house, we were told by Comcast and other "experts" we'd never get good wireless internet service upstairs from our downstairs cable because for some reason we have a cement barrier between our floors. So for several years we were frustrated by the unreliability of our "Rube Goldberg" phone line router arrangement we were using.  It only worked when it felt like it.

It took David an hour to devise a simple wireless repeater "upstairs-downstairs" routing arrangement that now works like a charm.  He had a good laugh at our old arrangement and we are very satisfied customers. You will be as well.

Tom K.

Chestnut Hill, MA


A friend and fellow small business owner referred me to Davcoh when our computer crashed. David walked me through selecting the best system for our business and really took our individual needs into consideration. It was a huge relief when David was able to recover our accounting program and other crucial data from the old system. Thanks to Davcoh, our new system is running smoothly and I've learned some really useful filing and organizational tips from David.  I have since referred Davcoh to other friends and will continue to do so.


Susan G.

Natick, MA


Matt was here in the late afternoon and solved all our Mac problems. His Mac technical skills are superb, but just as important are his personal sensitivity, calm and patience with a client who is very low tech and a painfully slow learner to boot. He made the experience fully satisfying unlike others I have had previously. Obviously, next time I need help I will contact you to send him over.


Sheldon B.

Newton Centre, MA


I had a disaster on my hands with a PC.  I’d seen the ads for Davcoh in Brookline.  I was desperate, so I called for help from this unknown entity.  David replied within the hour, came to my house that same day, at the time that worked for me, and solved my problem quickly and efficiently.  I’ve used his services several times since and I’m always a totally satisfied customer.  He’s the best!

Jill S. M.

Boston, MA


I just wanted to say that you guys were great in helping reinstall my recovered hard drive, set up new printer, set up VM Fusion again, and reinstall Quicken. Great experience overall.
Gil F.
Wellesley, MA


David has dealt with all our family's computer service needs for about a year now and I can recommend him highly. He responds the same day, indeed he was at my house within 15 minutes of my last call for help and solved the problem immediately. He knows his business and will save you time and money.
Fergus M.
West Newton, MA


Thanks for the prompt and expert service!! It's always a pleasure to have an expert like you available whenever we need you. Thanks for saving me so much time and aggravation!


Lawrence B.

Newton, MA


Dear Dave -  I want to thank Matt for doing a great job last week when he came out to get us launched on our replacement Mac. I have been tortured in the past by long hardware conversions that end up with bugs and require return visits. Matt got everything done right in a timely manner (and in fact improved our overall situation), and of course he's a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks for the great service.

Mike K.

Wellesley, MA


I hired Davcoh to hook up a new computer that I bought for my daughter and to install whatever he thought necessary.  David arrived promptly and set up everything as expected.  We encountered a couple of problems which had nothing to do with the work David did but he responded immediately to my emails and even came over to the condo and straightened this problem out.  I would certainly use his services in the future and would recommend him without question.       


Susan K.

Chestnut Hill, MA


Your printer technician was great. He explained everything that was wrong with our Color LaserJet.  He cleaned up before he left and was also very neat while he worked.  We would definitely call again.


Rosemary P.

Newton, MA


Dave, Thanks a lot for your advice over the last couple of days. My pictures were 100% recovered by DriveSavers (got disks yesterday). And I also got rid of my corrupted McAfee using that tool you recommended! I will send you pictures shortly (we are loading them to Shutterfly). Thanks again - you are awesome!


Greg Z.

Natick, MA


Matt was here for two and half hours and he was great.  I really liked him. He was you know obviously very knowledgeable and I think we got a lot done so I just wanted you to know he's a terrific terrific person and it was helpful and it was enjoyable and I'm sure I will be calling you from time to time to get more help from him. So thanks again just thought you should know

Herb B.

West Newton, MA


Your printer technician was friendly and knowledgeable.  He explained the repairs, and now our HP 4050 LaserJet works great!

Diane W.

Chestnut Hill, MA


Everything went very well with the set up of my new Mac desktop. Matthew was super helpful & a nice guy to boot. I hope I have the chance to call you again. In any event, I would certainly recommend your service.


Shelley S.

Newton, MA


Thanks so much for your visit this afternoon to take care of our networking needs. My daughter just got home from soccer practice and is thrilled with what you were able to do with her laptop.  Your service was the best money I've spent in a while. I will recommend you anytime I hear of anyone in need of your expertise. Thanks again.


Mike G.

Sharon, MA


Dave has always provided outstanding and timely service at reasonable cost. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable, stands behind his work, and is able to undertake projects small and big.


George H.

Newton, MA


I have only high praise and a sense of comfort knowing I have the above service, David Cohen as my support for my computer services.. I am well over the age of being born into the technology era---therefore, I have had to learn the computer at an adult age, and not learn it from birth---for me it was like learning a new language at 50 years of age.

I am fortunate to have David assisting me with any and all computer issues and problems---he is fair, available, and sensitive to the over 50 age group. My dear friend recommended him, and I hope to do the same for someone in desperate need has a problem with computer issues.

Thank you---and please feel free to have anyone call me for a personal reference.


Karen G.

Boston, MA


David of Davcoh provided me with expert service in an extremely timely manner.  I have recommended him to friends and I will continue to use Davcoh in the future. 

Holly M.

Wellesley, MA


Thank you so much for taking care of my computer for me.  All of the problems have disappeared!  I loved coming home and finding a complete list of everything you had done.  Your follow up phone call was a surprise and much appreciated.  You made it so easy for me and watching you "take notes" about my system and asking me about  how I use it showed such professionalism.  I had complete trust leaving you to solve my problems and advise me correctly.  I will continue to tell everyone about you and your services whenever the opportunity arises! 


Mary Ann F.
Newton Centre, MA



Computers are an essential part of our business and historically, they have been one of the most frustrating aspects of our operation.  With the advent of email and the internet things got even more difficult for us.  Viruses, spyware, junk mail etc., took over our office computers.  After countless wasted hours trying to sort out viruses and software that didn't quite work as intended with consultants and on our own, I came upon an advertisement for Davcoh.  To my surprise, Dave said he would be over in a few hours to have a look.  We have had mixed results from computer consultants in the past.  Most charged a lot and provided very little in terms of solutions and cures and frankly, I wasn't expecting much from Davcoh either.  As promised, Dave came over and within an hour he diagnosed our office computers.  In a short period of time he resolved not only our current problems but even the historical ones that plagued our computers for months. When Dave left our office our systems were running great and I firmly believe as designed.  I strongly recommend Davcoh to anyone setting up new or getting the bugs out of an existing computer.  What a welcome relief Davcoh is in an environment of consultants that promise the world and deliver nothing!

Ron G.

Brookline, MA



Thank you for the help and for coming so quickly to my aid at our dental office. I truly appreciate your dedication to your customer. 

Frederick H.

Boston, MA



A quality of your business is that you respond quickly and my problem becomes your priority.  To give an example, when writing my research paper last spring, my computer froze due to a virus.  I called Davcoh and you were onsite with 4 hours of the call.  You worked diligently for several hours and was able to get my machine functioning  with in 24 hours of the initial call. 
On another example- we had router problems and Davcoh, was persistent in fixing the issue. The problem required several visits to our home and unlike other companies I have dealt with, I didn't have to schedule a return visit over the course of many days- you came each day until the problem was solved. It required trouble-shooting, you contacted Comcast, had a new router installed,  and moreover, you followed up with e-mails to ensure your work was satisfactory.
I also appreciate the depth of your knowledge as we have computers (3) that range in function for the home office to kid's homework .  Our family uses a variety of software and programs that Davcoh understands and has therefore aided us in purchasing/updating  new equipments such as a  laptop for my business/home needs.  I have confidence in Davcoh and have recommended him to  friends.

Maureen  S.

West Newton, MA



When I got my new Dell, my oldest daughter told me that when she came home for a visit she would plug it all in for me and transfer my files from the old second-hand computer I had been using.  But I needed it sooner than that.  I called Davcoh, based on a small ad I'd seen.  He sounded like he knew what he was doing, so we arranged for him to come to my house the next day.
I felt very embarrassed that I couldn't do any of this myself.  But  this soon changed as I observed that there was much more involved than just plugging in some wires and sending files magically from one computer to the next!  David explained what he was doing as he went along, took the time to set up the computer so everything is (and will remain) safe and secure, set up a wireless system in my house (something I'd never heard of before but which has been great for  my other family members),  and showed me all the features of my new computer. He arranged all the parts of the system -  screen, computer, printer, and keyboard - on my desk  for the best use of space. Before he left he made sure I understood how to use this technology.
My daughter came home a few days later and told me that she could never have done all this!  I feel very happy  and newly empowered with my properly set-up system.  David teaches as he works.  He gave me lots of tips for general use and problem-solving and I really appreciate having this information given to me as I need it, in language I can understand.
I love having someone I trust who can come to my house to help me in this technological world of ours.  I absolutely recommend Davcoh Computer Services to anyone interested in saving time and heartache!
Susan B.
Newton, MA



In less than two hours time, David from Davcoh implemented a system that provides us with tight security for our IT system, a backup infrastructure, remote accessibility and wireless broadband. This was by far our IT investment with the greatest and fastest payback. An IT solution perfectly tailored to our needs. We know whom to call when we are facing IT challenges: Davcoh.

Raphael K.

Newton, MA



When I worked in an office and had issues with my computer, I always called the IT department to come and fix it - no questions asked and no delay.  Since I've been working for myself in my home, I can't afford to have my equipment down for an extended period of time while I ship it back to the manufacturer or stay "on-hold" forever.  I've been looking for someone who was able to respond to my call quickly, reassure me that what was going on was something manageable, was willing to come to the house in short order and repair the machine and do all of this at a reasonable price.    David has provided this kind of service for me and I am very grateful!


Mary B.

Newton, MA


I have used Davcoh Computer Services LLC on several occasions.  He has demonstrated a wealth of knowledge in his work and on each occasion he has helped me solve my problems.  I find him extremely professional and I would not hesitate in recommending him to other people. 
Edward N.
Walpole, MA



For the record, my experience with Davcoh was very positive, and I already have recommended them to a number of friends.  I am sure that they will call him when they need help. 

Within a very short time period, he came and took the computer away.  My primary concern was how to salvage my Address file and My Documents file.  The next day he returned the computer, had re-imaged it, and had managed to save much of the info, including Address and My Documents.

I have had a few questions since that experience and David has been very helpful, both by e-mail and by telephone.  I certainly will call on him for help with any future computer problems of any type.  His response time reflects an amazing sensitivity to customer needs, rare in today's world.

Keith C.

Wellesley, MA



I was very pleased with David's help. A friend had imported all my personal information from my old computer on to my new one and it was lost! David found it, organized it properly and showed me how to use new programs. He was thorough, very patient and made a task that was daunting to me quite easy!


Dinny H

Newton, MA



I first called Davcoh after my home desktop computer was infected with the Blaster worm and my attempts to remove it myself were unsuccessful.  My call was returned within hours and an in person service called was scheduled for the very next day.  After quickly troubleshooting my system, David told me what was needed to repair the problem and that he could take my computer back to his lab and have it fixed for me the next day.  When my system was returned, the virus was removed and all XP updates as well as a new virus protection program recommended by David were installed.  My system ran great and I was very happy with the service Davcoh provided. 


A few months later I placed another call to Davcoh after trying to upgrade my system to Microsoft’s service pack 2.  It turns out that some of the software I was running was not compatible with service pack 2 and I ran the risk of losing important data.  Davcoh responded right away and was out the next day, solved my compatibility issues with service pack 2 and saved all my data.


I would strongly recommend Davcoh for quick and reliable service for any computer related issues one might have. 


Scott D.

Needham, MA



My computers were a mess; slow and crashing.  David rescued me promptly.  He determined my needs and recommended the least costly approach to fixing both computers.  He put in a new router for my old, failing wired system and added a wireless router for  the kids' laptops, both systems continuing to work flawlessly.  He added a back-up hard drive for my main computer and I no longer worry about losing data and priceless family photos I forget to back up. He came highly recommended from a friend, and I'd continue to highly recommend him to others.  On top of doing a great job, he's friendly, pleasant and accommodating.


Jeff W.

Newton, MA



I was so pleased with your computer consultant Stephen, he was a perfect gentleman and he did indeed solve my problem.  He sure knows computers!


Anthony P.

Newton, MA



I contacted Davcoh from and ad in a local newspaper several months ago. I needed help in setting up and learning how to sell on E-Bay. I less than two hours he had me taking pictures of the items to sell and having them listed on E-Bay resulting in many sales.
I needed technical support when my hard drive crashed on my 7 month old computer. Dell sent a new drive and performed a basic installation, but it was not sufficient. I called Davcoh as I had lost all my files and programs. Davcoh  scheduled an immediate appointment and was able to install all of my lost programs and transfer my files from a hard drive that I saved from an older computer. Davcoh also recommended that I purchase a second external hard drive and they set it up so that it backs up all my files automatically every night. Davcoh was also able to answer some technical problems over the telephone at no additional charge.
Their services are personal prompt honest and very professional.  I would highly recommend them.  


Jerry B.

Brookline, MA



Davcoh’s work on my HP LaserJet 3100 exceeded my expectations.  They were flexible in scheduling, on-time and thoroughly cleaned, diagnosed and repaired the machine within the time frame allotted.  I am very pleased that I can continue using this machine at my second home and that I don’t have to buy a new laser printer, which would have cost me 2 -3 times the cost of the repair (not always the case!)


Jillian D.

Watertown, MA


Thank you so much for your most recent visit. I had  been afraid to fully use my computer, knowing the fact that the computer was not protected in anyway from virus or hackers. You came highly recommended by two girlfriends whom you had just fixed and solved their computer issues. They are very happy now. So as they raved about their computer free problems to me, I had to contact you to help me with my computer issues.
As soon as you arrived, you got right to work diagnosing the problems I had with my computer. I was very comfortable with you at the keyboard, cause you were very knowledgeable about computer. You also answered many of my simple questions, which helped me better understand my computer and how it worked.
I know if I have any problems or questions, you are just a phone call away.
Again, THANK YOU so much. Having you here was worth every penny.


Doris K.

Natick, MA


Recently had Matt come over to work on getting my HP printer on line as well as some other issues and questions that I had. Matt was professional, polite and not at all condescending when answering my questions about the Mac, iTunes etc. I would be glad to have him back if I need work done in the future.



Sudbury, MA



Thank you for responding so quickly to my dead laptop... one minute it's working just fine and the next it's a black screen.  Your response time was great and being that I was searching for a new job at the time - any and all downtime was crucial to me.  Not being a technical person with technical terms all I could tell you about my laptop problem was "it's not working, the keys are making funny sounds and the screen is black! Help!"

Davcoh came over and reviewed my options - rebuild my hard drive, reinstall applications or need a new laptop all together. Within 24 hours my laptop was fixed and back to me and has been working great ever since.

I would certainly use Davcoh again. I've even passed their business card to all my friends.


Hudson, MA



Being completely out of my element with all things computer, Davcoh provided the welcome technical assistance I needed when i needed it.  I found Davcoh to be professional, patient, pleasant, knowledgeable and most of all responsive. When something goes awry with your computer, there's nothing worse than waiting.   Davcoh returned my call within hours and was available to make a house call quickly within the constraints of my crazy schedule.   I highly recommend Davcoh's services to others looking for their very own computer help desk.


Wynne S.

Northborough, MA


Davcoh set up my home office (computer, printer, wireless internet, firewall, anti-virus, etc). I depend on my computer set-up to run my business and it has run perfectly for almost a year now. I am not highly technical, but I feel secure knowing that Davcoh is there if anything should go wrong with my system. They are reliable and prompt in returning calls and dealing with whatever comes up.


Ilana S.

Newton, MA


Matt just left. He was great. He solved all my myriad problems in just 2 hours! I'm so glad I didn't try to do it myself: it would have taken weeks. Thanks!!

Cecily C.

Weston, MA


I turned to Davcoh with a major headache on my home computer network. The service I received was prompt, courteous and very helpful. Not only was the immediate problem resolved, I got a lot valuable advice and suggestions on a range of other issues. I'm certainly not a "high end" user but, for what I needed, Davcoh was terrific and more.

Roger L.

Needham, MA


I was having many challenges setting up my wireless internet and Davcoh came out, fixed my problems, set up my wireless internet and the related security, gave great advice and was a big help. I would definitely use their services again.


Mark C.

Somerville, MA


True story.... computer crashes, blue screen prevails, all data appears lost, the original manufacturer’s tech support can’t help (after spending 4 hours on the phone), and in their final analysis they provided me one piece of sage advice –   “… you’ll need to find someone local who can see what’s wrong with your computer”.   You’d think after all that I’d be hopping mad, but, it turned out to be the sage advice I needed to hear. I called Davcoh Computer Services. The problem was diagnosed, the repairs made, and all in a time frame that exceeded my expectations. As for the old toll free tech support # provided by the manufacturer? It’s been replaced with Davcoh's number.

I highly recommend Davcoh for any home owner or small business. It’s like having your own IT Manager when you need him.


Charles P.

Needham, MA



I am a retired professional, and presently serving as director on several corporate boards. When I was in practice, I could always call on our internal help desk to fix my problems. I am quite reliant on important information in my computer and my Tungsten PDA. I have learned a few trouble-shooting techniques since retiring from my firm, but I ran into a real stonewall when my PDA and laptop would not synchronize. The Palm help desk was of no help. I was panicked, but then called David at Davcoh. He was extremely responsive and comforting. He arrived at my place in no time.  He carefully analyzed the issue and solved my problem quickly. He also backed up all of my data and gave me instructions on continuing that process. David is a very knowledgeable professional. He has been helpful to me on a number of occasions since. I wholeheartedly endorse Davcoh to all computer users whether novices or experts, he really brings solutions to the table!


Ed M.

Wellesley, MA


I called Davcoh for help when my wireless setup needed to be reconfigured and was pleased to find that David not only quickly rectified that problem, but also offered to check the security on my system and install software to connect the laptop directly to the desktop printer.  It was great to see that David was willing to take a minute to explain any issues I might expect going forward and how to address those as well.  I would definitely call Davcoh again.   


Kris P.

Newton, MA


Fast service at a reasonable price.  Davcoh was friendly, professional, and informative.


Richard P.

Waltham, MA


I just wanted to thank you for sending out Matthew yesterday to help resolve issues with my iMac.
He arrived right on time (actually, even early) and did a great job running diagnostics to rule out the presence of malware or viruses on my computer.  He was extremely helpful and professional, explaining every step in the process and the rationale for each.  Matthew answered all my questions about my Mac, helped set up an external hard drive I had been avoiding installing for years, and updated my browser with an AddBlocker plug-in which works really great! I feel like my computer and files are much more secure, and that I now know more about what to look out for, thanks to all his knowledgeable explanations and tips.  You can tell he really knows his stuff when it comes to Macs!

Thanks again to Matt for all the help. It is truly appreciated. 

I will be sure to refer family members, and friends to your team for any computer issues we may have in the future!


Alexandra L.

Wellesley, MA


Thank you for your outstanding help with our new computer.  The service we received exceeded our expectations.  Your technician was very knowledgeable, efficient, and patient, and most importantly, a joy to work with.


Elaine W.

Newton, MA


David was super.  Installed additional memory in my computer. and new wireless router for my internet.  He is a very nice person.


Susan G.

Brookline, MA


Davcoh was excellent!  Saved us $90 by diagnosing our HP 4500 Color printer over the phone prior to arriving, so that they had the parts when they came for the first visit.  Davcoh is now our printer service solution of choice.


Fred H.

Natick, MA


David, of Davcoh, is equal part "computer angel/virtuoso".  My work in research and grant writing relies heavily on collegial communication through e-mail, critical deadlines, and the timely transmission of large documents.  A computer that is literally 'up to speed', reliable, and well-maintained is the sine qua non of this endeavor.  David has single handedly eliminated ALL of the anxiety, hassle, and head aches of an ailing or failed computer.  One certainly expects a computer company to provide superior technical and diagnostic services.  For David, this is a no brainer.  What sets him apart from the rest is his capacity to intelligently and creatively assess and explain the problem, while responding quickly, reassuringly, and respectfully to my individual concerns and needs. He is a consummate professional, who is not only talented, patient, good humored, and kind, but who willing removes his shoes when he comes into your home !  I am enormously grateful to have found Davcoh. 


Lin R.

Newton, MA


YAY!!!  Fixed.  Matt is terrific.   It was not so simple - but he figured it out....2 hrs.  worth the $$.  Just wanted you to know... Thanks!

Janet R.

Waban, MA


I was in a panic because I rely very heavily on my home PC to keep up with my work after hours. I had no idea why my internet suddenly stopped working and felt helpless to resolve the problem on my own. I was quickly envisioning a total time sink to get my computer functioning again. Then I found Davcoh on the Internet. He was at my house at 7:00 the next morning to pick up my computer. Amazingly he came at the precise time he said that he would and I could still get my kids to school and myself to work on time. The next day, Saturday, David delivered my completely reformatted PC functioning as well as when it was brand new. He did the complete set up for me, including installation of two printers, and setup of wireless networking with security. He thoroughly explained everything and took the time to impress upon my twelve year old son why downloading causes so many problems on our computer. His charge for this work was more than reasonable. I couldn't be more pleased with David and Davcoh. I cannot recall a time when I have received more customer friendly service. I would highly recommend Davcoh to anyone in need of computer support.


Janet F.

Roslindale, MA


David saved my life! I have called him multiple times and for three different computers, all with their unique problems.  Each and every time, he responded immediately and calmed me down. When I needed help right away, he came over that evening.  He is honest, competent and polite. I will continue to use Davcoh Computer Services whenever my computers misbehave (of course, the problems have nothing to do with my prowess :) and recommend him to everyone! 


Donna T.

Newton, MA


 What a find! Using Davcoh Computer Services was a joy. They recommended my new equipment purchase. When it arrived, they installed the new equipment, transferred my files and within 2 1/2 hours I was up and running. The horror show that I expected turned out to be an enjoyable event as a result of their professionalism and pleasing personality.
 I will continue to use them and recommend them to anyone who is looking for a real honest, pleasant and highly professional computer service experience.
 Milton S.
 Newton, MA


Excellent work from both David's.  I would recommend the service without hesitation.


John P.

Wellesley, MA


We were VERY pleased with your service. You are very honest, knowledgeable and concerned about your clients getting the best results and the best value. Your clients are fortunate to have you on their team. Computer issues can be very daunting. Thank you!


Alan S.

Newton, MA

David – Point of Information – When it comes to technological expertise – and all the things that go along with that – you are the best!! In my opinion … -- Don


Don J.

Chestnut Hill, MA

We all know what its like to have a doctor to turn to in an emergency, especially these days when personal care is so rare!  Well technology now creates situations where we often experience the same “state of emergency”. Davcoh to the rescue.  Whether I’m in my clinical offices in Brookline, at home in Newton, or escaping to Florida, Davcoh  is there!  And he is there with the right answer; and the solution is provided in a calm, professional, and completed manner. Without Davcoh I might have to return to pen and paper!


Alexis B.

Brookline, MA

I give Davcoh my highest possible recommendation for computer services. I was lucky enough to find them through an ad, at a time when my home computers were infected with viruses and one computer was barely functioning. From my first contact with David, I was impressed by his knowledge, professionalism, responsiveness, organization, and outstanding ability to help my family understand our computers despite our limited knowledge. He is highly competent, patient, and consistently helpful-- always knowing what our computers (and their owners!) need, and finding the best and most efficient way to resolve whatever problems arise. He is generous with his time and knowledge beyond any expectation. We count on him to keep our computers running, and know that we can call on him for prompt and expert help whenever problems arise. In addition, he helps prevent future problems with his knowledge and application of the latest software and virus protection. There is no problem or question we have had that he hasn't been able to resolve. He is a delight to work with, both for his obvious professional skills, and also for his personal qualities. We are deeply grateful for his excellent services, and we are delighted with his presence in our home whenever we need his help.

Ellen G.

Newton, MA

I had spoken to representatives from some of the bigger (and significantly more expensive) companies about a video card problem I was having with my computer, but from what they told me I wasn't convinced that they would be able to help me out.   After giving Davcoh a call, they came to my house the same day and quickly found a simple solution to my computer problem. Should the need arise in the future I know who to call.


Jeff C.

Natick, MA

The technician was prompt to respond to our call, and exceeded our expectations.  He explained the possible problems we could have with our HP LaserJet 2200 printer in a manner we could understand and he worked to correct the problem!  Thank you!


Susan G.

Newton, MA

Once again, I was very pleased by the service your Mac consultant, Arup, provided.  I learned a few ways to do different things on my new iMac, it was about time I upgraded!  Thanks for the efficient and straightforward work.

Sandra G.

Brookline, MA

Davcoh works on your computer system until everything is running well.  They also provided several useful insights that have helped us save time and money.

Catherine F.

Needham, MA

David was extremely nice and extremely knowledgeable.  A real pleasure to have in my home.  I will recommend your services to friends and family.  Thanks for the great job.

Karyn D.

West Newton, MA

David was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.  I look forward to working with him again.

Maureen M. Ph.D.

Somerville, MA

The Davcoh technician's work on our HP Color LaserJet 4500 was done very quickly and professionally.


Ryan B.

Natick, MA

Davcoh's technician was helpful, knowledgeable, and honest.  He diagnosed and fixed our LaserJet 2200 very quickly and affordably.  A good job done well.


Marc R.

Boston, MA

Hi David.  Your consultant Steve came today and was absolutely terrific!  Not only does he have amazing computer skills, but he is also a very good teacher.  He knows the old axiom, "Telling isn't teaching."  We wrote everything down and then he made sure that I could actually do all that had been written. 
THANK YOU for sending me such a great person.  I am your newest devoted, super-satisfied client.


Eileen S.

Wellesley, MA

Thanks a lot! Price and turnaround fixing our HP LaserJet 5000 was great, and the minor surgery on our other backup printer was a real boon.


Brian J.

Boston, MA

I am writing to thank you for the excellent service and superb results recovering data from my iMac.  Matt was nothing short of awesome.  Great attitude, energy, knowledge and personality.  He not only was a pleasure to work with but was also patient enough to explain things along the way.
If I need any services of this sort in the future, you will be the first folks I/we call.


Stephen K.

Newton, MA

David Cohen, president of davcoh computer services, responded within minutes to my telephone request for help. This was my first contact with David and of particular value to me was his responsiveness -- I feared a virus had infected my system and he gave me telephone advice as soon as I called and then appeared in person in my home the next morning. David's approach to me (I'm a computer naif) and to the technical challenges my computer posed was thoughtful, measured, efficient and effective. David is a savvy (and patient) professional.


Richard F.

Newton, MA

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you getting the network running.  I've been bragging to people what a genius you are!


Ina A.

Waltham, MA

Your Mac consultant, Arup, listened carefully to our computer needs.  He made the adjustment necessary after carefully considering our needs.  Finally, he made sure we had clear instructions.  Couldn't ask for anything more.  Thanks!


Leanne P.

Wellesley, MA

David was excellent!  He did a tremendous amount of work in the time he was here, came up with very useful suggestions on how to best arrange things.  He is someone who really cares to provide the best - very rare!!  You just gained a happy customer who will come back and recommend your services to others.  Thank you!!


Katharina C.

Brookline, MA

It is reassuring to know convenient, high quality help and services are available.  Dave established an immediate comfort level.  In a swift, skilled, conscientious manner worked through task at hand while making sure I grasped the process and what was taking place. Knowledgeable and patient. No question too trivial. Thanks Davcoh!


Linda K.

Newton, MA

Thank you for the great service today!  My business partner thought you were awesome and so do I.  And same-day service is amazing...


Kimberly A.

Needham, MA

Hey David. Just wanted to say thank you and to tell you Marco was excellent, he knew what he was doing, he fixed my problem, he was great, good personality, good to talk to, and a pleasure to work with so, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jennifer N.

W Roxbury, MA

Your printer technician arrived on time and fixed my HP LaserJet 2200 quickly.  He also phoned prior to let me know how his schedule was changing, and this was appreciated.  Excellent service!


Maurice L.

Cambridge, MA

We have now used the services of Davcoh at least 5 times, from installing a wireless network at home, to replacing and reloading new hardware or reformatting or repairing existing hardware and software.  All the work has been done quickly and professionally. But even better, Davcoh fixed or improved things we didn't even know could be improved. From re-organizing our tangled mess of cords to better utilizing existing software, we are always left in much better shape!

For the benefit of not having to spend hours trying to work out snafus while we miss important news or mail...their value is PRICELESSS!

Jeanne L.

Needham, MA

Your printer technician just left my office. Serviced our HP LaserJet 4101 MFP. We're now back in business. He  was excellent. Not only fixed our problem, he told me how it came to be. Gave the printer a complete check and found other items that were about to come due for service.  You now have a client in Burlington. Thank you.


Rick A.

Burlington, MA

Arup was very professional and friendly.  Both my kids and I felt comfortable asking questions and he even met with us after flying cross country so that he could meet with the kids before the start of school.  Arup worked quickly and efficiently and was extremely helpful.  There's nothing more I could have asked for.  Thank You!


Charleen K.

Newton, MA

Thanks for the terrific service. We are very happy to have found you, as computer problems are often a source of great frustration at the home.


Gus B.

Newton, MA

Both times Dave has worked on my Macintosh, he's been great, professional, explains well, and obviously enjoys what he does which inspires confidence.  I couldn't be more pleased, especially as it's not always easy to allow a "stranger" into one's computer.


Sandra G.

Brookline, MA

Your printer technician is extremely friendly and helpful.  Very knowledgeable and informs us what's going on and where the errors come from!  Great guy!

Heather S.

Wellesley Hills, MA

I have benefited on several occasions, when I have needed expert help with computer problems, from Davcoh and David's  knowledge and expertise. I give David high marks not only for specific problem-solving but also for taking the initiative to investigate other related matters in the spirit of problem prevention. I appreciate his personable approach to the work to be done, and the fact that he listens well. His advice has been consistently useful, thus creating a welcome sense of confidence that I can rely on his assistance. I gladly recommend him.


William R.

Wellesley, MA

Your printer technician came into our downtown office very professionally, got right down to business and found the problems with our HP LaserJet 8150 and 5000 printers.  He explained to me what was wrong, what needed to be done to fix them, and ways to avoid problems in the future.  Extremely valuable knowledge for an office that relies on its printers.  Thanks from our whole team!

Giselle R.

Boston, MA

After getting bad news from my company's main office PC support person that I needed a new disk I knew I needed expert help to recover any of my critical business data. I was dead in the water if I couldn’t. I filtered different companies and found Davcoh. Their web site communication and approach to recovery helped me decide to have Davcoh come to my house. Within a day they were able to recover ALL of my disk’s data and I was back up and running in two days. I could not have done it without their expert help. They even helped me afterwards when I was rebuilding my entire system. If you want professional, reliable, secure and friendly PC support then Davcoh is the only place you should look. I tell all my associates and friends.


Todd M.

Medfield, MA

Professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Honest and straightforward. Provided feedback and ongoing support. Best part is that he is local, accessible and personal.


Kevin M.

Needham, MA

I just wanted to write you again to let you know how much I appreciate the extra effort you took to help me with the hard drive recovery.  I know that you didn't need to contact me again and that it was the extra mile that I am sure will help grow and maintain your customer relationships.  I will be sure to give your name to anyone that I know needs computer related solutions. 


Brian C.

Brighton, MA

Great guy. Very helpful.  Instructions very clear and appropriate.


Phyllis D.

Chestnut Hill, MA

David has been out on 3 occasions, and has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  He went above and beyond what I expected.  You are extremely lucky to have him in your employment.  I know who to call when I need help with my Apple.


Theresa F.

Roslindale, MA

I just want to let you know that we are still absolutely delighted with the work you did on our home computer, it works flawlessly, and even my husband said to me a few days ago, "I can’t get over this, its like a brand new computer." Everything works smoothly and flawlessly, and even though we hope we do not need your services again, we are thrilled with the work you did and will recommend you highly to our friends.

Debbie R.

Newton, MA

Hey Dave, your Mac consultant David just left and I want to tell that you both my wife and I thought he was just wonderful, clearly the best person we have had out here, on any number of levels.  Great personality, great teacher... Clearly as you said, knows his stuff!  It was an absolute pleasure to have him here, so we kept a supply of your cards, and we're going to send them to our daughter, and we have a number of friends with Macs who will just love to have your Mac expert help them.  Thanks so much!

Derek P.

Weston, MA

What a great service!  Dave fixed everything on my MacBook Pro including things I did not know needed to be fixed.  My computer is working great, and I am thrilled.  Thank you!

Karen S.

Natick, MA

Because of circumstances beyond our control, we had to change our original assignment.  Your serviceman switched assignment with grace and competence.  Thank you.

Rose S.

Newton, MA

Your HP laser printer technician fixed the paper jam deep inside our HP LaserJet 2200DN.  Also, we now know about the hidden green button beneath the printer that launches a secret compartment.  Thank you!

Steven G.

Boston, MA




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